Save costs, effort and optimize your supply chain.

We design, create and/or optimize processes in your supply chain, logistics operations or next project to change the world together.

We accompany you in your projects or processes to improve the management of your supply chain with comprehensive solutions, with the use of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Design Thinking and other tools, whether in projects at the corporate level, distribution center, warehouse, industrial plant or in all areas as a whole, we analyze your objectives, needs and projects to provide you with high-impact solutions that help you grow, satisfy your customers and achieve your goals.

Optimize operations, improve decision making and increase efficiency in your supply chain.

Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS)

We will take care of planning, implementing and monitoring activities or projects related to the supply chain, allowing you to focus on your core business and strategic activities.

Optimization of Distribution Centers, Warehouses and Industrial Plants.

In addition to the SCaaS options, we accompany you with storage systems, gondoliering, sustainable film and the search for the necessary equipment and technology for an optimal operation.

Supply Chain Analytics

Save time, effort, and let us do the heavy work for you, using Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and other tools, allow us to enhance your demand forecasting, inventory management, purchasing processes, projects, and more.

Sustainable Film

Sustainable film that will take care of your products when storing and/or transporting them, considering environmental conservation.

Professional Development

We offer professional training in the field of Supply Chain Management, including selective courses, spreadsheet training, and upcoming conferences and/or webinars.

Our Solutions

Storage Systems

Optimize the space for the care and storage of your products. For this purpose, we offer certified racks and lightweight shelving. Additionally, achieve better sales by displaying them with internationally certified gondolas.

Discover how GUINDIC SCM can drive your company or organization to grow, optimize processes, make better use of resources, and achieve its goals by applying solutions that have a high impact on it, its clients, and our world.

Supply Chain Management, our passion...

Our vision is to live in a more sustainable world. To achieve this, we continuously enhance the analytical and logistical processes of companies and organizations, enabling them to optimize their resources, achieve their goals, and meet the demand for products and services that our world and humanity require to thrive.

Benefits for your company or organization

Maximize profits and/or minimize losses in your company and/or organization.
We do it for you, save time and effort in your operations.
Growth and professional development in your company and/or organization.

Save economic resources.

More satisfied customers, among many other benefits.

Allow us to improve, boost, or manage key elements in the supply chains and/or logistics of your company or organization, depending on our solution(s). Some benefits include:

We design and provide solutions for every need


Resolve Supply Chain Management challenges in a practical and professional manner!

Supply chains go beyond businesses or customers; they transcend borders, beliefs, cultures, and economies. Let us support you in the processes you wish to manage, research, or projects you want to undertake.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Have an ally in the field of Supply Chain Management that helps you keep growing!

Purchasing processes, inventory management, storage, demand forecasting, among others, must be carried out properly. Let us be an ally that supports you in meeting your needs, enhancing your success, and achieving your goals.


Manage your supply chain easily and professionally, and give the world what it wants!

Entrepreneurship is an exciting adventure that comes with risks but can also be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Let us manage your supply chain or some areas for a much more accessible cost than hiring an entire SCM department.


Let's put knowledge and analysis into action to find valuable information!

Research and development, as well as project execution in this exciting field, are essential to build a better future. We can support you in achieving your goals in developing projects or services for your organization.

From an international automotive production company to a chain of cafeterias or a startup, contact us and discover how we can empower you to grow and make a positive impact on the world together!